Our Story

Walker Vail is a premium design studio that crafts sculptural jewelry pieces. 

The collection harmonizes organic formal qualities with contours of your body to create pieces that are both bold and beautiful.

This allows for a new form of jewelry that both empowers the individual and prompts any audience.

Each piece is digitally designed, hand crafted, made to order and tailored for the bold.

The story of Walker Vail originated from our Creative Director’s family history of escaping persecution. Having to flee their native country overnight, his family had to learn how to sew jewelry into the seams of their clothes in order to preserve their livelihoods. Many years later, those jewelry pieces remain cherished in the family both as valued artifacts, and more importantly as a reminder of their origins. 

We view jewelry not just an expensive commodity, but rather a part of your body and identity. This is our inspiration to create sculptural pieces that mimic the contours of your body as well as have a unique identity in their formal expression. 

The pieces utilize the latest in design and manufacturing technology. From software simulating the curves of the body too additive printing/casting. Walker Vail is a studio that looks to future, not just in our approach to how we make jewelry but also to what jewelry means to you and your identity. 




Creative Director - Amir Karimpour: amir@walkervail.com

For media/marketing inquiries contact our Marketing Director - Ryan Douglas: ryan@walkervail.com